Social Robots as Mediators for Enactive Didactics

Workshop at the 11th International Conference  on Social Robotics

Topics of Interest

  • Best practice for the use social robots in group education (Gamification, Interaction Channels) 
  • Integrating Robots into didactic theory (Enactive Didactics, Social Feedback, Constructionism, Inclusion)
  • Using social robots together with other technologies in the classroom (Audience Response Systems, Intelligent Tutoring systems)
  • Social robots for social feedback in education (mediator function, single or group interaction)
  • How to make social robotic technology attractive for schools and teachers? (Interaction design, embodiment)

Invited Speakers

  • Prof. Antonio Chella, University of Palermo, “Social Robots as Mediators for Enactive Didactics: Experiences and Lesson Learned at the RoboticsLab of the University of Palermo.” 
  • Prof. Luisa Damiano, University of Messina, “The Enactive Mind. Epistemological scaffolding for Enactive Didactics”